Woolywinds Lightning Flash x Wily Critters Milkshake   

Wily Critters Stratus Cloud (white) and Wily Critters Lenticular Cloud (pinto). Fading Red Pinto Colored Angora Buck x Grade Angora. Twin bucklings born February 2, 2017. Sold.

Serene Caprine Tyrone x Breezee Creek Lady Victoria   

Wily Critters Penumbra. Mini Nubian. Single jet black doeling born February 9, 2017. Retained.

Wily Critters Subtle Harlequin
Wily Critters DaDonk
Wily Critters Minutiae

 Serene Caprine Tyrone x Daystar's Hannah. Two bucklings, one tiny doeling. One buckling retained.

 Echo Hills Japhar x Too Little Doe's Cinna Mini. Mini Nubian. Two bucklings born March 8, 2017. Both parents tested G6S normal. 1 retained, 1 sold.

Camanna Cleopatra's Glam SlamRocky's Creek Kit Kat's Soleigh

Grade Mini Nubian. Buckling born April 3. His name is Seven of Nine. Retained.

Tosti Critters Naveen in BlueFable Farms Country Vixen

Nigerian Dwarf x Nubian, F1 Mini Nubian. One doeling, April 7. My first homegrown Mini Nubian. Her name is Jezanna. Retained.

Tosti Critters Naveen in BlueSilent Spring Tess

Nigerian Dwarf. 2 bucklings, April 8. The moonspotted boy is named Val, for the heart shaped spot on his back. The honey spotted boy is named Sparky. Val is for sale.

Tahoma Golden Treasure in Blue x Goose Meadow Ambrose

Nigerian Dwarf x Pygmy. One boy, one girl April 11, 2017. Pretty babies with blue eyes. The black and tan girl is named Lucy Lu. We call her brother Lister.