Angora, Cashmere Goats


Woolywinds Lightning Flash is a faded red pinto Colored Angora buckling masquerading as a white Angora. He has a barely noticeable red splash running down his neck. His ancestry includes white, black, silver, honey, and red Angoras. He's from a Montana herd. Born March 14, 2016. His first kids hit the ground on February 2. Two bucklings, one white, one pinto.

This is Milkshake, a 2014 recorded Colored Angora. She's also an unregistered Pygora. I got her as a pet but her personality and coat are so nice I decided to add her to my fiber herd. She's dam to Flash's boys. She gives me a quart of milk a day. The dairy does are rubbing off on her.

 Opal, a four year old Angora doe. She's from Texas lines.