All the Rest

Ferdinand and Trixie

The family cow, Trixie, is a miniature Panda. Trixie's pedigree includes Mini Hereford, Lowline Angus, and Belted Galloway. Our bull, Ferdinand, is a Miniature Hereford.

Molly, a 1993 model hinny. She's a part time goat guard and full time pasture pet. She's beautiful, has a gorgeous floating trot, and refuses to let me take a flattering picture of her. She appears to be chewing her cud here.

Gizmo. Photo by Alecia Rivas.

 This is CMF Gizland, my handsome Fjord gelding. He's a galumpha horse.

Lil Bit is a draft type miniature horse gelding. He was born in 2007, went into rescue summer of 2015 and came home here in August. He's went to the Puyallup Fair in 2016. He's a classic mini, all brat.

The many versions of LilBit.

Pumpkin is a full time goat guard llama. He spends most of his time letting the goat kids play on him.

 This is Wookie, a Suri type llama born fall 2015. He move from his breeder's pen to ours at the 2016 Puyallup fall fair. He's Pumpkin's understudy.

The newest addition is a pair of Tamworth piglets.