Miniature & Standard Nubian Does

Mini Nubians are a cross between Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf goats. They're smaller than full size Nubians and so easier to handle by kids and older people (like me). You can see how early crosses looks at first in Festus, Tyrone and Hannah. It doesn't take long to breed back to Nubian type. Vicky is Festus' granddaughter.

 Breezee Creek Lady Victoria. I think she's stunning. She has a pure white twin sister, also with blue eyes, retained by their breeder. Tested G6S normal. Mini.

This is Daystar's Hannah, a lovely, full bodied F1 Mini Nubian doe from Daystar Farms. She's the strongest milker here. Tested G6S normal.

Don't worry about Sparkles' splints. Sometimes babies are born with tight ligaments in their legs. It's not a defect, just a side effect of being folded up inside mom for so long. She wore splints for a few days to help her little legs unfold. She's fine.

 Too Little Doe Coffee Bean's Cinna Mini. She's another polled girl. Tested G6S normal. Mini Nubian.

 Rocky's Creek Kit Kat's Soleigh is a beautiful, sweet Grade Mini Nubian. She shares a sire with Hannah. She's a gentle, friendly little girl. G6S tested normal.

Fable Farms Country Vixen is a standard Nubian doe. She comes from a family farm. She has lovely Nubian conformation. I like her because she provides good outcross genetics and her line is a small for Nubians. Tested G6S normal.

 Til-Riv Brittany, a polled 3 year old Nubian doe. Another small standard Nubian who throws small kids.

 Wily Critters Jezanna. My first homegrown F1 Mini Nubian. A perky girl with odd moonspots.

 Wily Critters Penumbra. Mini Nubian. She's staying as a companion to Vicky, her mom. 

 Bambi, a polled Nubian doeling.

 Chablis, a polled Nubian doeling.