Mini & Standard Nubian Bucks

 Till-Riv Polled MSJ Sambo, aka Uglar. A smallish polled Nubian buck. He throws stunning polled daughters.

 Rocky's Creek EHB Pretty Boy Floyd. A solid new addition to the herd. 

 Wily Critters Rocket's Red Glare. A yearling Mini Nubian buck by Festus out of Hannah.

 Daystar’s Sir Festus. A 2011 model 66% Nigerian Dwarf Mini Nubian buck.

 Serene Caprine Tyrone. A 50/50 F1 Mini Nubian buck.

 2017 bucklings growing up include Till-Riv Polled Blue Storm, Rocky's Creek Cerulean Scribe, and Wily Critters Subtle Harlequin.

BoomBoom - Mini Nubian
Harley - Mini Nubian
Stormy - Nubian