Wily Critters Cocoa Roca. F2 Mini Nubian.

 Rocky's Creek EHB Pretty Boy Floyd. F1 Miniature Nubian.

 Till-Riv Polled MSJ Sambo, aka Uglar. A smallish polled Nubian buck. He throws stunning polled daughters.

 Breezee Creek’s The Majestic. F3 Mini Nubian. He's as sweet as he is beautiful.

 Till-Riv Blue Storm. The awkward baby here is now a handsome young buck.

 Daystar’s Sir Festus. A 2011 model, 66% Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian buck.

Till-Riv IC Contender. He’s a handsome boy in real life.

 Till-Riv IC Conquest. Possibly the best Nubian buck in my fleet. Genetically small and polled. Another goat that looks much better in person than in my pictures.