Et Cetera

 Flurry. An American Gurnsey doeling.

This is Milkshake, a 2014 recorded Colored Angora. She's dam to Flash's boys. She gives a quart of milk a day. The dairy does are rubbing off on her.

Goose Meadow Ambrose and her Nigerian Dwarf cross babies, Lucy Lu and Lister. She's a semi-retired Pygmy show goat with one Reserve Grand Champion win. Her former owners are two of the nicest people I know. They have goats and a fallout shelter. I see a meme in there somewhere...

 Tahoma Chantilly Lace. she keeps Tess company.

 Tiny Goat was the first kid born on our farm in 2014. She’s a Kinder. 

 Serene Caprine Tyrone. 

 Woolywinds Lightning Flash is a faded red pinto Colored Angora buck masquerading as a white Angora. He has a barely noticeable red splash running down his neck. His ancestry includes white, black, silver, honey, and red Angoras. He's from a Montana herd. Born March 14, 2016.