Wily Critters Farm

Wily Critters Farm


Mini Nubian Does

A sampling of the girls. 

Mini Nubians are a cross between Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf goats. They're smaller than full size Nubians and so easier to handle by kids and older people (like me). You can see how early crosses looks at first in Festus, Tyrone and Hannah. It doesn't take long to breed back to Nubian type. Vicky is Festus' granddaughter.

Mitzi, a doe

A smaller doe. 

 Breezee Creek Lady Victoria

A strong doe with excellent breed character. 

Daystar’s Hannah 

Dam to strong milkers and 3 worthy bucks. Hannah casually fed triplets while still producing milk for the table year after year.

She is retired.

Moonstruck Ginger Fey and Too Little Does Coffee Cinna Mini

This seemingly plain doe consistently produces kids superior to herself.