Wily Critters Farm

Wily Critters Farm


All the Rest

Pumpkin the Llama 

Pumpkin is a full time goat guard llama. He spends most of his time letting the goat kids play on him.

Wookie the Llama 

 This is Wookie, Pumpkin's understudy.

Molly the Mule

Molly, a 1993 model hinny mule. She passed away December 2023. I miss her.

LilBit the Mini Draft Horse

 The many versions of Lil Bit the mini horse.

Tulip the Donkey 

Tulip the mini donkey jenny. Sweetest little lady ever. Tulip also passed away late in 2023. There will never be another donkey like her.

My dear sweet Tulip clearly had been a brood Jenny and grandchild babysitter her whole life. She would walk up to door knob and turn them. If she’d had more than two front teeth, I would have been in trouble. She’d sneak up behind the 4-H kids and steal pizza from their hands. Pepperoni pizza... When she met new goat kids she would sniff them over and then gently push them towards her udder. She knew how to eat off of fork and preferred cake. She was probably 35 or more when I got her. That would put her in her early 40s when she passed. I loved her so much.